Lung Cancer Overview

By | May 8, 2012

Lung Cancer Overview
Overview of lung cancer, lung cancer is the most common malignant tumor, a higher prevalence in industrialized countries. According to statistics, the number of lung cancer in the United States in 1988 of 15.2 million, 13.9 million people died. China in recent years, especially in large cities, lung cancer has significantly increased the incidence trend. The incidence of lung cancer, malignant tumor in 1960 accounted for 6th, 1970 moved up to No. 2. Shanghai residents in 1985, Cancer Incidence statistics, lung cancer accounted for 23.5% of male patients, female patients accounted for 12.9%; standardized incidence rates were 52.2/10 and 17.9/10 million million. Beijing urban and suburban areas from 1977 to 1983, cancer mortality statistics, lung cancer in men and women account for the No. 1 cancer, which accounted for 20.7% and 20.6%.
Overview of lung cancer, lung cancer incidence continues to rise, but the effects are poor, five-year survival rate of about 13%. Many environmental and occupational factors and the pathogenesis of lung cancer. No doubt is the most important cause of smoking, 90% of lung cancer deaths related to smoking. Hammond for smoking and non smoking people matching results showed that the number of smokers die of lung cancer is 10 times the non-smokers; smoking two packs a day more than the number of the population died of lung cancer is smoking 20 times the population smoke. The incidence of lung cancer among non-smoking rate is 3.4/10 million, and daily smoking 1 / 2 to 1 package were the incidence of lung cancer is 59.3/10 million. Recent study further showed that passive smoking caused by smoking is closely related, non-smokers lung cancer risk factors. Non-smoking men married to women and smoking, risk factors for lung cancer are not smokers compared with two large 35% to 53%. Since 1964, U.S. health authorities announced a relationship between smoking and lung cancer, many people stop smoking. 1975 compared with 1984, young white males decreased by 40.2% smokers. In recent years carried out extensive campaign against smoking, 45 years of age to reduce the number of lung cancer. The United States is vigorously publicize the dangers of smoking and the anti-smoking campaigns to reduce cigarette tar components inside, it is expected that by 2025 lung cancer death rate is expected to decrease.
Overview of lung cancer, lung cancer patients on arsenic, beryllium, lead, copper, vinyl chloride, chlorine, formic ether occupational exposure is also related to the pathogenesis of lung cancer. A large number of asbestos inhalation and the incidence of cancer is closely related to the pleura, and lung cancer also have a certain relationship. Smoking asbestos workers, such as plus factors, the incidence of lung cancer are smokers and non-asbestos contacts 8 times, is neither smoking nor exposure to asbestos, the crowd of 92 times. Uranium miners with a high incidence of small cell lung cancer, and exposure to rays.

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