Incentives for liver cancer – moldy food

By | January 19, 2012

Incentives for liver cancer – moldy food
In recent years, liver cancer treatment has made great progress, the liver from the past "incurable disease" to "partially rule," 5-year survival rate has greatly improved. Overall, however, the high degree of malignancy of HCC, rapid progression of the disease, treatment is difficult, efficacy was not obvious, a serious threat to people's health and safety
After many years of clinical investigation, liver cancer, mainly in the warm, moist, easy to breed in areas Aspergillus flavus, in particular the consumption of corn, peanuts and more areas. After years of animal experiments show that was produced by mold aflatoxin contamination of corn and peanut mold can cause liver cancer, which is due to the metabolite aflatoxin aflatoxin Bl (AFB1) has a strong carcinogenic effect.
AFBI by ELISA, and AFM1 tips, AFBI, AFM1 with liver cancer mortality. Incentives for liver cancer – moldy food, and AFBI's main source of corn and peanut oil. Diet survey, liver cancer mortality with the consumption of corn, peanuts and peanut oil, but not with rice, fruits, vegetables, protein differences related cellulose. Because aflatoxin (AFf) has mutagenic, teratogenic, carcinogenic, 1990 AIT International Cancer Centre will officially designated as carcinogens.
It is remarkable carcinogenic aflatoxin is not the only factor in liver cancer, a lot of information, aflatoxin and HBV have synergistic effect. Experiments with trees such as domestic drama, HHBV negative, AFBI negative control group did not find liver cancer
(0 <} 6); HHBV negative, AFBI negative group, 1 / 9 of liver cancer; HHBV negative, AFBI positive group and 12.5% had liver cancer; and HHBV positive, AFBI-positive group was 52.9% found in liver cancer. In addition to aflatoxin, the yellow rice mold, Aspergillus versicolor, Penicillium and other toxins in Ukraine there is a certain carcinogenic effects.
Incentives for liver cancer – moldy food, the diet often contains carcinogenic substances, easier to trigger liver cancer. Therefore, should not eat moldy food, eat fresh food as much as possible, not to eat the long-term storage of contaminated food may be mold, mildew aflatoxin in food can induce liver cancer; try to Eat fried, fried food; a number of old oil containing MDA, protein structure can also variation, leading to mutations in the cells lose their normal function of the protein to the transformation of the initial cancer.

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