How to deal with nasopharyngeal radiation reaction

By | April 14, 2012

1. nasopharyngeal radiation reactions include fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, mouth odor or taste, insomnia or sleepiness. Individual changes in blood can occur in patients, especially leukopenia phenomenon. Can usually be overcome and complete the radiation therapy. If necessary, vitamin Bl, C, Metoclopramide, such as plastic.
2. Skin reactions manifested as dry or even moist dermatitis dermatitis, topical 0.1% borneol can be talc or lanolin to do matrix anti-inflammatory ointment. Nasopharyngeal mucosa reaction showed hyperemia, edema, exudation and accumulation of such secretions, lubricating agents can be anti-inflammatory topical rinse agent.
3. Trismus due to lead joint and the surrounding teeth chewing muscles, the radiation after degeneration, muscle atrophy and fibrosis. Yan awarded when the performance of joint activities, mouth disorders, joint pain leading stars. In this regard, currently no satisfactory solution. Radiotherapy or radiotherapy, puerarin in traditional Chinese medicine prescription add 60g, Chai Hu 12g, earthworm 30g, stars of the future joint dysfunction can play a leading role in mitigation.
4. Radioactivity in the spinal cord injury more than 3 months after radiotherapy occurs around. Early radiation response of nasopharyngeal carcinoma manifested as a sense of shock when the bow limbs distal to the radiation, also known as Lhermitt sign; advanced NPC response to radiation injury of the cervical spinal cord running through the main, manifested as limb weakness to complete paralysis, pain, impaired sense of touch.
5. Radiation encephalopathy after radiotherapy 10 months to 7 years.Radiation response of nasopharyngeal carcinoma manifested as memory loss, brain damage symptoms, side of the unit body weakness, or headache, or even mental disorders such as multi-language, incoherent, dull facial expression and so on. The same spinal cord injury treatment with radiation. Signs of brain damage occurs, the medicine except with the nourishing kidney yin, the mood of the wind should be added to the product collaterals, such as entertainment clam 5, earthworm 30g, all flies 10g, silkworm l5g, another with entertainment clams, earthworm, All flies, silkworm each 30g, crush and mix well, divided into 30 equal parts, 1 serving per day, the water flushes the clothing.

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