How the proliferation of colorectal cancer metastasis

By | October 29, 2011

Large intestine by direct infiltration, planting, lymph node metastasis and hematogenous metastasis four kinds of ways to spread.
Proliferation of colorectal cancer metastasis 1. Direct spread was generally along the horizontal axis circular intestinal infiltration deep to the development of the intestinal wall, spread slowly up and down along the vertical axis, and involving the bowel is generally not more than 10cm. Carcinoma invading the serosa, the regular and the surrounding tissue, adjacent organs and peritoneal adhesions. When derived from colorectal cancer invasion into the muscularis mucosa below, along the lymphatic cancer, vascular resistance spread around the space, so carcinoma in the submucosa, muscularis, subserosa than in the mucosa of the spread range in wide. Outward through the intestinal wall directly invades adjacent tissue and organs, can be up, down and circumferential infiltration, invasion of colorectal cancer and 1 each / 4 of the intestine for about 6 months.
Proliferation of colorectal cancer metastasis 2. Colon cancer lymph node lymph node metastases generally in the following order spread from near and far, but there are not follow the order of skip metastasis.
(1) colon lymph node: down the fat in the intestine.
(2) colonic lymph nodes: Department of the colon wall in the adjacent membrane.
(3) mesangial lymph vessels: the blood vessels in the mesocolon near the middle, also known as the middle of lymph node groups.
(4) the root of mesentery lymph nodes: in the mesocolon roots.
After the shower wall muscle invasive cancer Pat increase the probability of transfer, such as subserosal lymphatic invasion, lymph node metastasis is a better chance.
Proliferation of colorectal cancer metastasis 3. Hematogenous metastasis cancer cells or normal child along the portal vein tumor thrombosis of the liver first, then to the lungs, brain, bone and other tissue organs. Hematogenous metastasis of cancer invasion to the capillaries is usually a small vein, but there are also blocks of the physical examination, tumor compression, tumor compression caused by surgery, or even obstruction of strong creeping into the blood cells can be prompted.
Proliferation of colorectal cancer metastasis 4. Infiltration and cancer can be planted out directly through the intestinal wall surrounding tissue and organ infiltration. Off cancer cells in the intestine, to be planted elsewhere on the mucosa. Off in the abdominal cavity, for planting in the peritoneum. Metastatic nodular or miliary, white or gray, hard. All abdominal disseminated, could cause cancer, peritonitis, ascites and so on.

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