How the early detection of cervical cancer

By | November 18, 2011

The clinical manifestations of early detection of cervical cancer is not obvious, or only similar to the symptoms of cervicitis, easily lead to misdiagnosis; Once symptoms, many have grown to late. But if we spend more time to observe carefully, you can find early symptoms of cervical cancer. Common signs of early detection of cervical cancer has the following 3 conditions:
early detection of cervical contact bleeding. This is the most prominent symptoms of cervical cancer, cervical cancer, about 70% -80% of patients had vaginal bleeding. More performance for the gynecological examination, or after sexual intercourse, or straining at stool, the vaginal discharge mixed with blood. Older women who have any bleeding after sexual intercourse, do not always thought to be due to improper force caused by sexual intercourse, while ignoring the possible presence of cervical cancer. If you have bleeding after intercourse each time, more attention should be paid, timely medical treatment.
early detection of cervical cancer increased vaginal discharge. Clinically, 75% -85% of some cervical cancer patients have varying degrees of vaginal discharge. Most of the performance increased to own, and later accompanied with gas ignorant and color changes. Increased vaginal discharge is stimulated by the tumor, initially ignorant of the normal color, then the cancer tissue necrosis, with infection, is out with a bad odor from the vagina the services of, rice water-like or bloody vaginal discharge.
Early detection of cervical cancer irregular vaginal bleeding, older postmenopausal women have for many years, suddenly without any reason at all and "cramps out." Amount of bleeding often small and not accompanied by abdominal pain, low back pain and other symptoms, can easily be overlooked. In fact, this irregular bleeding is often the early signs of cervical cancer, many elderly patients with symptoms from this treatment is to get early diagnosis and timely treatment. It should cause a high degree of vigilance the elderly.
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