Esophageal cancer chemotherapy side effects of gemcitabine

By | January 22, 2012

Gemcitabine adverse reactions (1) bone marrow suppression. The dose-limiting toxicity. Mainly thrombocytopenia, mostly I – II , and severe (degree-JN prisoners degrees) 9%. III degree, head neutropenia and anemia were 25%, 11%.
Gemcitabine adverse events (2) gastrointestinal reactions. Mostly mild (88%), severe (III , N ) only 12%.
Gemcitabine adverse reactions (3) liver damage. Transient elevated transaminases (50%), self-healing, bilirubin rare.
Gemcitabine adverse reactions (4) renal function. Common mild proteinuria and hematuria, hemolytic uremic syndrome occasionally similar clinical manifestations.
Gemcitabine adverse reactions (5) skin toxicity. 21% of the people appear in trunk and limb plaques and plaques Qiu Yan grinding, usually short-term, transient, if necessary, can be served hormone or anti-adhesive drug group. Hair loss is rare.
Gemcitabine adverse reactions (6) other. Influenza-like syndrome (22%), dyspnea (8%), very few (0.05%) of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), allergic reaction (5%), peripheral or facial edema (35%), fatigue (32%), lethargy (11%).

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