Esophageal and gastric cardia thin anastomosis after surgery

By | March 21, 2012

Esophageal and gastric cardia thin anastomosis after surgery, the stomach or esophagus line the esophagus – a serious complication of colonic anastomosis. The high mortality rate of complications, in 38.6% or more. The incidence of anastomotic thin, the highest reported in the literature abroad as much as 27.6%, the domestic literature statistical average of 5%.
Thus, the domestic previous esophageal cancer prevention and control of all the special meeting after surgery of esophageal cancer and cardiac anastomosis thin as the prevention and treatment of the important issues. The past 10 years, the domestic workers in the surgical treatment of esophageal cancer, occurring repeatedly for anastomotic possible factors did anastomosis and anastomosis technology improves, the incidence of anastomotic thin also been reduced.
Lean more in the postoperative anastomotic occurred 4-6 days, individual cases are delayed until after 10 days or later occur. Anastomosis because of the location and time of occurrence of different clinical symptoms appear different. Early intrathoracic anastomotic thin patients after the pulse, respiration, blood pressure and more unstable, patients often sudden shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, pulse faster, there service operated side pneumothorax, some frail patients or sudden shock may occur death. Anastomotic usually manifested in lean patients chest pain, faster breathing and pulse, body temperature often reached 39 C or more other symptoms of poisoning. Chest X-ray shows a perspective encapsulated liquid liquid pneumothorax or pneumothorax exists, thoracentesis can be removed from the thin liquid shares. Patients with oral solution of methylene blue gum, re-thoracentesis, such as the services out of the blue solution to confirm the diagnosis. After a week or more later time to the late anastomotic thin, most desolate small mouth, due to expansion of the lung had adhesions, often formed around the anastomosis limitations Edition swollen.
Esophageal and gastric cardia thin anastomosis after surgery, patients with persistent low-grade fever, chest and back pain, weak long time can not be restored. Chest X-ray perspective, and sometimes that shadow widened mediastinum anastomotic site or in the mediastinal shadow next to high density, thin locks or orally to patients do oil, can be found in a small amount of contrast agent anastomotic leakage. For a week after surgery in patients with these symptoms exist, even if the X-ray swallow lock leak checks were no significant contrast agent should also be considered a small, desolate anastomosis may exist. Lower esophagus – gastric anastomosis cases, such as anastomotic thin, sometimes the symptoms of peritonitis. Cervical anastomotic thin, more performance for the skin incision swelling and pain, systemic symptoms and more obvious, large mouth infected individual desolate range of cases, may have mild increase in body temperature, increased white blood cell count, partial cut more than a rancid version of liquid spill Sometimes it can be seen within the thin mouth incision, the patient when swallowing saliva fluid outflow.

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