Esophageal and cardiac thoracic surgery breast health

By | March 21, 2012

Esophageal cancer and breast health chest cardiac surgery, thoracic duct is the body's largest lymphatic vessels, esophagus and thoracic duct relative to adjacent, middle and lower segments in esophageal cancer resection, the process of tumor free, easy to damage the thoracic duct, surgery health after breast milk. Open the chest during surgery, thoracic duct under positive pressure less filling, leakage of a small amount of milk after the rupture of blood contamination of mucus is not easily identified, if not carefully checked, is not easy to be found. Therefore, the lower esophageal cancer in the free process, cut off the surrounding tissue of the esophagus, must be ligated. Especially the esophagus and descending aorta and spine glue the middle of the cut should be careful when handling ligation. Completely free in the esophagus, the aorta Aortic retractor to pull back again to check for leakage of milk mucus, such as thoracic duct injury is suspected should be suture ligation. Through these carefully and check the operation cheaper and more breast milk will reduce the incidence of this serious complication.
Esophageal cancer and breast health chest cardiac surgery, the incidence of breast milk and more honest 1_4 days after surgery demonstrated, there are also found in food before. Pleural effusion occurred in a large number of patients. Clinical manifestations of chest tightness, increased pulse and breathing fast, then drop in blood pressure, severe shock soon. Chest X-ray chest shows a large number of perspective effusion, mediastinal shift to the opposite side. Thoracentesis can be drawn plenty of fluids, mostly of early breast bloody or pale yellow liquid and, thereafter, showed the typical milky white liquid. Milk excretion of mucus every day ranging from less are hundreds of milliliters, and more are up to 2000_3000ml, pleural fluid stained with Sudan Tian lipid droplets can be seen. Patients with early breast milk cheap no pleural effusion due to bacterial infection, it addition to the clinical symptoms of pleural effusion of oppression, the body temperature more than in the normal range. Lian breast milk occurred, due to extensive loss of fluid milk health, leading to reduced blood volume and water electrolyte imbalance, resulting in respiratory and circulatory disorders, such as timely effective treatment can often lead to patient failure and death. Have been diagnosed with breast milk cheaper and more patients should be done in time to do the chest or thoracic cavity closed drainage puncture to exclude pleural effusion, lung recruitment so as to facilitate healing at the thoracic duct injury. Better physical condition of the patient, can be given a moratorium on diet or low fat, high protein, high carbohydrate foods, strict calculation of the pleural fluid excretion by the transport of whole blood or venous plasma glucose, protein and moisture loss of the liquid nutritional supplement, and pay attention to maintaining water and electrolyte balance. Systemic and local application of antibiotics in the chest to prevent infection of the pleural cavity. Pleural effusion after discharge, 50% glucose solution can be 40-60ml injection chest, stomach and chest to promote lung or mediastinal adhesion, so that closed chest tube breakage.
Esophageal cancer and breast health chest cardiac surgery, 2-3 after more than deal with close observation, such as milk and Sport does not reduce the amount of fluid leakage should be immediately re-thoracotomy for thoracic duct ligation suture ruptured, do not delay too long, pathogenic human body failure, lost opportunities for re-operation. Way into the thoracic surgery again, according to time after surgery may be. Usually within a week after the formation of severe pleural adhesion have not yet, from the original incision into the chest, chest tube to find the sad mouth, do suture ligation. Of the esophagus – stomach aortic arch anastomosis cases, such as the estimated thoracic duct damage in the aortic arch or after the arch edge plane, you do not have to force pull thoracic stomach looking mournful mouth, resulting in a new healing esophagus of a gastric anastomosis by the injury, have other complications. Can be found in the brain muscles over the thoracic duct ligation, which is safer. Late postoperative breast health or breast chest infection, more severe pleural adhesion, the original incision into the chest is more difficult. Can be 7 or 8 of the right intercostal thoracic, in the first 8, 9 thoracic plane were found in thoracic duct ligation.

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