Digestive system tumor magnetic resonance (MRI) examination

By | April 5, 2012

Digestive system tumor magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (magnetic resonance imaging) referred to as MRI. Is the second medical CT imaging after the emergence of a new leap, which allows three-dimensional space on the medical profession from the multi-level multi-dimensional observation of human variation and disease.
Although MRI and CT have many differences, but are of computer imaging, and the images are tomographic images into, so many of the principles of image interpretation, the two are the same. And compared with CT, MRI is not X-harmful to humans. Direct multiplanar imaging capacity of the organization shows CT can not be compared.
Multi-parameter MRI imaging, imaging methods and more, the choice of room for large, change the radio frequency pulse of the program, change the pulse repetition time and echo time can change the image of the performance, resulting in images with different weighting factors.
MRI examination of the central nervous system than the high-resolution CT of the organization, and are not artifacts of bone and air impact. For abdominal tumors, MRI due to the impact of peristalsis, moving artifacts can interfere with imaging, resulting in blurred images, so that can not reach the right diagnosis.
Digestive system tumor magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination: MRI examination of tumors of digestive system and therefore in some ways no better than CT examination is superior.

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