Dietary guidelines for cancer patients

By | April 10, 2012

Dietary Guidelines for cancer patients food is the material basis for rehabilitation of cancer patients, cancer patients, attention to diet, to provide reasonable adequate nutrition, can enhance the body's resistance, increased tolerance of the treatment to ensure the successful completion of treatment plan, promote rehabilitation.
1. Intake of nutrient-rich, and to the diversity of plant food-based dietary choose from a variety of vegetables, fruits and legumes and other plant foods, but that does not mean vegetarian, should make the total amount of plant food accounted for daily food 2 / 3 or more.
2. To ensure adequate protein intake is a wasting disease of cancer, in particular, consume a lot of protein. Often eat pork, milk, eggs, poultry and other protein foods excellent dark. If the patient tired of greasy Hunxing can change some non-meat protein-rich foods such as beans and so on.
3. To eat more vitamin-rich fresh vegetables and fruits such as rape, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, hawthorn, jujube, kiwi, etc. Steppe Cat. Vitamin C can protect the structural integrity of cells positive, but also block the nitrite nitrite rubber and rubber produce cool to play a role in cancer prevention; vitamin A main function is to maintain the normal structure of epithelial tissue, stimulate the immune system to mobilize the body's resistance to cancer initiative.
4. Use of plant starch and protein-rich staple food for 60% of total energy should be -65%, refined sugar should be limited to the total energy provided less than 10%, should try to eat rough food.
5. To avoid eating non-digestible food should eat boiling, stewing, steaming and other digestible foods, eat less fried food;
6. Do not eat pickled (not including sweet and sour taste), salt, wax, mildew, barbecue, smoked food flavor, fragrance, strong corner.
7. Eat more favorable toxic excretion and detoxification of the food some foods like green beans, melon, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, etc., can promote the excretion of toxic or carcinogenic substances to no energy.
8. Should always eat with fiber-rich foods such as celery, leek and so on. It speeds up the formation and discharge of waste, changing group of intestinal bacteria and reduce the Ambassador of the material caused by the generation and storage attached to stay.
Dietary Guidelines for cancer patients, 9 the proper use of traditional Chinese medicine and diet therapy, the most suitable food:
* Animal food: lean pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, pigeon, etc., fish, eggs.
* Seaweed: Sea Man, kelp, seaweed, sea cucumber, seaweed.
* Beans: All kinds of soy products, such as soy milk, tofu, vegetarian chicken and so on.
* Plant foods: fresh dark green and yellow, orange vegetables, and eggplant.
* Fruit: fresh fruit, nuts such as: red dates, longan, walnut and so on.
* Food: all kinds of food and products. Try to eat less food animal food: fat meat and poultry fat, salt, meat, fish, smoked products, sausages, sausage beans: dry beans.
* Plant foods: fresh resin system pickles, no fresh vegetables.
* Fruit: canned fruit or fruit drinks.

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