Diet on the importance of prevention of digestive system cancer

By | April 4, 2012

The importance of diet on cancer prevention of digestive system (a) discussion about Chinese medicine
Country has been that the tumor medicine, and diet. "Via" the cloud "insane insane persons, chosen by the cold temperature of adjustment of diet, and dirty air Competing Results were born of it." Another example is the "Treatment of Health meeting" that "the accumulation of epilepsy vessels, chosen by the lunar soil temperature of the gas, though different name, major and not sputum, and food product, died of blood only." "Lu is massage to patients," said more clearly "the accumulation of the early white exogenous cold, internal injuries, the Ministry of bloodstain gas, food accumulation of phlegm stagnation, setting a blind film, a long and entrenched fastness, strength and even worsened, in order to make things difficult . " It describes, and digestive tract tumors are more similar. Diet is able to cause suffering, because "the taste of fried its organs, the stomach enzymes by the cook, sweet rot of their bone marrow," and "ignorant of breast thick wax, fat ears had drunk so junction poly Thinking." Sick from the food, the natural as well as by the anti-diet. The so-called "Atsumi wounding do not know who can be my teacher Gan weak." Gan to weak capacity, "the diet to prevent cancer and modern medicine's view is consistent.
The importance of diet on cancer prevention of digestive system (b) the balance of nutrients
Food nutrients, including protein, fat and carbohydrates. Cellulose content in recent years will also be listed in nutrients. Before that fat and sugar content is too high, easily lead to colon cancer, and inadequate intake of protein, carbohydrate was higher, but also easily lead to esophageal cancer, gastric cancer. Therefore, the balance of several important nutrients.
Generally believed that protein, fat, carbohydrate ratio of the three, for the 1:2:7, better living conditions, but also for 1:2:5. Among them, China's share of traditional food grains, should be slightly decreased, increased soy intake. In proteins, attention should be animal protein and plant protein are equally important. Better income people, pay attention not to increase too much fat content. In addition, adequate intake of fiber should be noted that, to maintain smooth stool. It should also pay attention to vitamins, since Hu Luoka elements, trace elements such as the intake. Eating habits of the past, high levels of sugar and salt, should be properly reduced.
The importance of diet on cancer prevention of digestive system (c) of the main points of anti-cancer diet
(1), as physical activity, adjusting the heat so that the total balance. Strong physical activity, caloric intake increased by less physical activity, calorie intake reduced accordingly, not to overweight.
(2) in the total energy supply should be based on cereals, accounting for about 60% _70%, fat accounted for about 20%.
(3) Note of protein, vitamins, trace elements like camera import intake sufficient amount of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Note that fruit and vegetable intake can not be replaced.
(4) every day to ensure adequate intake of fiber content, reduce salt intake and control of drinking. And avoid foods contain cancer-causing ingredients.
(5) eat, maintain a happy state.

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