Diagnosis of breast cancer

By | May 3, 2012

Diagnosis of breast cancer, breast cancer is currently the highest incidence in the female population of a cancer incidence rate increased rapidly in recent years, the patients were getting younger and younger ages, especially in economically developed areas and some large cities, the incidence rate ranking first in all malignant tumors of women, women have become the most common causes of death among malignant tumors, breast cancer incidence and mortality risk increases with increasing age, women aged 50 10 years later risk of breast cancer diagnosis sex is 1 / 40; 70-year-old woman is 1 / 25; and if women live to 90 years of age, the incidence of breast cancer is 1 / 80, after 35 years of age the incidence of breast cancer in women began to increase, which should be attention.
All breast cancer patients with positive early warning signals, there is no clear diagnosis before, do not hearsay blind treatment, the resulting delay in diagnosis of the painful lessons, held numerous. Many quack, using a patient's psychological fear of surgery, rhetoric, misleading in patients with a variety of oral, topical treatment, the results so that patients lose the opportunity to cure.
All of the above warning signs of breast cancer-positive, or high risk factors of breast cancer than those who also do not have too much tension, because there is such a positive signal or a color risk factors, not necessarily cancer or the occurrence of cancer, but the possibility of occurrence of cancer than ordinary high, as long as anti-cancer awareness, generally a "triple check", including palpation, imaging and percutaneous biopsy. If palpation is a clear mass, many surgeons advocate directly for surgery or needle biopsy percutaneous biopsy, some can not be diagnosed from a variety of inspection. Not only save time, but also reduce medical costs.
A common clinical misdiagnosis, is misdiagnosed as lobular breast cancer, because early cancer, diagnosis really difficult. Therefore, one should be followed up, asked the patients regular inspection, the second to take the appropriate laboratory examinations such as X-ray target button, B ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and even biopsy.
Diagnosis of breast cancer, the most common clinical diagnosis, another delay was due to fear of surgery patients, the total would like to use non-surgical cure his illness. Currently the only effective treatment of breast cancer is surgery. In addition, any other treatment are a waste of money and time.

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