Cough on quality of life of cancer patients

By | March 25, 2012

Cough on quality of life of cancer patients 1. Physical duality cough itself, both good shower of rain, not a good side. Cough is a protective action measures, it can help clear the human respiratory tract and the respiratory tract foreign body secretions produced to clear the respiratory tract of various stimulating factors. Disadvantage of these harmful factors on the human body clearance, which can alleviate the symptoms, it is beneficial to one aspect. However, the cough on the human body also has a downside.
It can be spread of infection within the respiratory tract; can increase intrapleural pressure, increased heart and lung burden; severe coughing Li broken capillaries bleeding can occur, causing respiratory tract bleeding, or even result in alveolar rupture and emphysema; pleura can cause alveolar rupture spontaneous pneumothorax; chronic cough is one of the factors promoting the formation of emphysema; frequent dizzy cough, can cause vomiting, affect nutritional intake, influence rest, sleep, physical exertion, of cancer patients against disease, to cancer patients causing much pain and affect quality of life.
Cough on quality of life of cancer patients 2. Psychological aspects of cancer patients with cough, worried that their condition has Cong of lungs have abnormal changes, often fear, anxiety, depression, loss of A pair should be concept, irritability , vulnerability and other complex negative emotions.
Cough on quality of life of cancer patients 3. Family and social aspects of cancer patients after coughing, the family can have depression, and frequent coughing and spitting and family members can produce weariness; cancer patients with different degrees of cough, ability to work, and affect their play in the family and social responsibilities, reducing their family and social status.

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