Colorectal Cancer Care

By | April 19, 2012

Colorectal cancer care, (1) to maintain colon cancer and the environment clean and comfortable rooms, fresh air, sunny, quiet, wet appropriate temperature.
(2) close observation of colorectal cancer patient's demeanor, facial expressions, breathing, such as performance, daily temperature, pulse rate, respiration, blood pressure at least 1, at body temperature, be measured 3 times a day! If the body temperature above 39 will have to be measured every 4 hours 1 day asked stool port number, Measurement of body weight per week 1.
(3) focus on psychological care, encourage the comfort of colorectal cancer patients overcome the fear of disease and establish a positive, confidence in the fight against disease and courage. Take the initiative to communicate with patients to help them overcome loneliness and fear, making it a good match with the medical treatment.
Colorectal Cancer Care (4) to strengthen diet nursing: the principle of catering to Eat small meals often. Eat easily digestible food rich in nutrition, Eat or do not eat fried foods, fast and strong irritant foods such as onions, ginger, garlic, chives and pepper.
(5) Note that the local Clean Care: make local sanitation work and to avoid secondary infection and increase the symptoms, especially for making thin or leave the gate of bile. For advanced anal cancer were associated with local ulceration can Jianshui Bath Soak with traditional Chinese medicine, daily 2_3 times.
(6) if that disease mutations, emergency treatment should be actively pursued, and immediately notify the physician to meet the rescue.
(7) of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and treatment of child patients, to observe the patient's response and make the appropriate care.
Colorectal Cancer Care (8) encourage patients to get out of bed more and do things within its power, not confined to bed too early, in order to delay the decline of body function, and enhance confidence.

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