Chinese medicine diagnosis of tumors of digestive system

By | April 5, 2012

Chinese medicine diagnosis of digestive system tumors: TCM treatment of disease, diagnosis and treatment methods used for the treatment of cancer as well, through the look, smell, and asked, cut four diagnostic collection of disease information and comprehensive analysis, diagnosis and treatment.
In medicine, the human body as a whole, the understanding of cancer is also from an overall point of view, the process of tumor development, is the body upright and the fight against evil, in this process, the body's systemic and occur in some local Some minor changes, while the medicine is the body of these changes by observing the early diagnosis of cancer to determine the clinical efficacy, prediction of disease outcome. Digestive tumors is particularly significant in this regard. The content of the tumor by inspection includes the overall look and local consultation both by inspection.
Chinese medicine diagnosis of digestive system cancer diagnosis the overall look
Diagnosis is mainly the overall look of people hope the God of the whole, color, shape and state. God is the total activities of human life in the external appearance is the essence of human organs function and the Rise and Fall of the exposed signs of fluid and blood. More with the human digestive system, blood and body fluid, chemical and biological related. Early in the tumor, most patients should be God, manifested as conscious, eyes bright, skin full of glory run, but more will appear in the absence of advanced performance, such as consciousness disorder, response no later than ravioli, eyes dull withered muscles, most of the prognosis poor.
Color in sight, the yellow large enough the true nature of yin spleen, pale complexion mostly spleen qi deficiency, blood biochemical element source patient; pale yellow moisture within the swollen spleen were to stop, wet skin caused by overflow; who heads Development Huang called the yellow plague, yellow, bright as the sun that the barrels are yellow, the early clinical liver cancer, ampullary cancer, head cancer more common in film; yellow and dark smoke were that if the yin Huang, clinically more common in advanced liver cancer.
Chinese medicine diagnosis of digestive system tumors: morphological aspects in sight, most of them will affect the digestive system tumor formation of blood fluid, resulting in blood biochemistry per source, the body organs and the skin loses Ru Yang, and thus most of them will appear, emaciation, muscle atrophy, less gas lazy words, bedridden, terminally ill becomes more apparent.

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