Chemotherapy treatment of allergic

By | April 20, 2012

Chemotherapy treatment of allergies, the majority of anti- cancer drugs can cause allergic reactions, but the rate of 5% caused by allergic reactions to drugs that only a tiny minority.
Clinical use at present are more prone to allergic reactions to drugs paclitaxel, Taxol City, paclitaxel, docetaxel, docetaxel and so on. Allergic reactions including frequent paclitaxel for the treatment limiting toxicity, the main clinical manifestations of the typical I-type allergic reactions, including bronchial twins recover from illness, wheezing, itching cancer, skin War, and hypotension.
Cancer treatment measures
1. Cancer Chemotherapy precautions before, ready to use anti-allergy and other rescue materials. Taxol, taxol pedicle, given before paclitaxel administration of corticosteroids and anti-tissue adhesive drugs can prevent or reduce the allergic response. Commonly used treatment regimen is dexamethasone 6mg tablets were administered 12 hours and 6 hours before oral cimetidine 300mg in 250ml saline ten half-hour prior to administration intravenously administered anterior 25mg phenergan injection. Docetaxel, docetaxel administered the evening before the start of a 4.5mg oral dexamethasone tablets, 2 times a day for three consecutive days, can prevent or reduce the allergic response.
2. Timely and accurate administration of the drug is active with, with drug use special infusion Browne, the use of uniform medication infusion pump on time.
Chemotherapy treatment of allergies, 3. Tumor administration changes the way the disease should be closely observed, close observation of vital signs. If mild symptoms such as flushing, skin reactions, generally without disrupting drug, if a severe allergic reaction, should be promptly discontinued local rescue. Should be immediately discontinued, the joint with the use of HI or Hz receptor antagonists, and changes in the condition of patients appropriate application of corticosteroids, vasopressors, or bronchodilators.

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