Cancer patients often benefits of sunbathing

By | January 18, 2012

Cancer patients often benefits of sunbathing, sunlight, the body can contribute to disease, physical and psychological recovery, that said the sun, also called "sun treatment." Mechanism of sunlight therapy, the main day of the yang is the yang of human complement. Back at the photos, to make Du yang sun, with systemic effects. Especially the brain, marrow, kidney deficiency of kidney essence, its the effectiveness of Chang Yang.
Cancer patients often benefits of sunbathing, sunbathing beach locations to lakes, wilderness, the forest is better advised to fresh air, quiet, clean place full of sunshine, avoid hot, dust and unsanitary places, but also in the courtyard, balconies on. Winter and summer time is generally determined by the climate. About 7-9 points in summer morning and afternoon 16_18 point is appropriate; spring and autumn 8-11 points in the morning and afternoon 15-17 points. Winter cold to warm, windless 11-14 points, in the courtyard were better. Sun in an hour or so each can vary, in the middle can also rest in the shade further. In general, except for winter, the generally accepted the morning sun is the most effective.
Cancer patients often do a lot of the benefits of sunbathing, but the exposure can not pay attention to the head, a long drying in order to avoid dizziness, headache, hat or towel can be cut to cover. The sun should not be a long shot eyes can be wearing dark sunglasses, or close your eyes can. Never in the sun heat the water as soon as the body, alternation should not be repeated in order to avoid fatigue harmful to the body.

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