Cancer pain medication how to choose?

By | November 1, 2011

The treatment of cancer pain medications should be selected according to the degree of cancer pain drug
Cancer pain medications (1) mild pain: According to the principle of the selection analgesics may make use of aspirin, 25-60 mg each; or paracetamol, each 0.25-0.5 g; or to pain tablets, each 1 – 2. In addition, optional ibuprofen (Fenbid), C O films such as ammonia hope.
Cancer pain medication (2) moderate pain: codeine can be used, each 30-60 mg; or hope to be a result of ammonia tablets, 1-2 tablets each time; or strong pain setting, each 30 – 90 mg; Tramadol or capsules (pain gram) per 50-100 mg. In addition, ammonia can also look forward to use the oxygen C tablets, and other high-Jin tablets pain medications.
Cancer pain medication (3) severe pain: pain medication generally more difficult to work. Choice of morphine tablets, each 530 mg. In addition, scattered off the pain, according to degree of security, buprenorphine and other drugs can also be used.
In addition to the cancer pain drugs, for patients with advanced cancer, the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health recommended the use of oral controlled release tablets MS Contin, United States Feikang, Road Thailand and other pain medications.

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