Cancer care

By | May 7, 2012

Cancer care doctors, nurses, close cooperation between families, collaborate together to complete the complex process. Including clinical care, psychological care, food, home care and so on. Mainly refers to clinical care during the treatment of gastric cancer by the nurses and doctors to perform the nursing process, including surgery on the preoperative and postoperative care, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the process of care, hospice care, and disease so late . Psychological care is for cancer patients to their own understanding of the complex process of mental activity in order to maintain a healthy psychological state of patients care. Psychological care needs of doctors, nurses and families together, including the role of doctors is particularly important, it is best to get the guidance of a psychiatrist.
With the development of medicine, new medical concepts are constantly emerging, modern medicine also from the development of the biomedical model as biological – psychological – social medicine model of care is also put forward higher requirements. Holistic nursing care in most hospitals now have unfolded, the concept of holistic nursing care has gradually in popularity. Nurses should earnestly implement the gastric cancer standard of care standards for health plans and education programs to meet the greater needs of patients and their families.
Cancer care, diet diet nursing care including clinical care with two aspects of the family diet. Clinical care is defined diet during the treatment of gastric cancer, gastric cancer was carried out with the nursing process, including preoperative, postoperative, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the diet care. Care for the family diet and disease prevention of gastric cancer in the family, the rehabilitation aspects of the conditioning diet. Diet nursing and clinical care and indivisible family diet, doctors are the main instructors, nurses and family members are actors. Mainly refers to home care after discharge in patients with the care borne by households, including in the hospital by family members as part take care includes diet and psychological care needs of health care workers and family members closely together to complete. In home care in the doctor's guidance is very necessary.
In the treatment of gastric cancer process, emerging new medical technology, health care workers also made more new care problems. Interventional radiology, such as the treatment of cancer care, cancer chemotherapy, intraperitoneal therapy, nursing and other special care, such care is an important work treatment of gastric contents. Health care workers to keep learning, to meet the new needs of the nursing situation.
Cancer care is complex and hard work item, under pressure from all sides, health care workers need to pay great confidence, patience and love, understanding the suffering of patients and their families, with great passion for technology into the nursing work in .

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