Breast cancer prevention and treatment of bleeding

By | April 20, 2012

Breast cancer prevention and control of bleeding, (1) the prevention of bleeding
avoid hyperactivity, to prevent the body by squeezing or trauma, can reduce subcutaneous hemorrhage or edema; evidence of bleeding tendency of patients to avoid any intramuscular injection, a variety of diagnostic or therapeutic puncture should be to local compression or pressure dressing prevent bleeding; good nose and teeth from the most common bleeding should maintain oral Zhu Huanzhe clean, moist, do not dig the nose for callus or use the toothpick at table, to prevent membrane damage Bo; shave with an electric razor; platelets less than 2.0X 109 / L were limited to fixed bed, maintaining smooth Ambassador to prevent intracranial hemorrhage, if necessary, enter the blood platelet component; Compliance visions injection of IL-11, the platelets increased.
Breast cancer prevention and control of bleeding (2) Hemorrhage
Ecchymosis and bleeding, occult blood in vomit, hematemesis, hematuria and blood in the stool, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, disturbance of consciousness and other changes may suggest the possibility of bleeding visceral or trouble.
(3) of bleeding
Breast cancer prevention and control of bleeding, once the bleeding should be in time to give hemostatic. See nasal bleeding nose bleeding care; gum bleeding may Zhu Huanzhe rinse with cold water, or sticking with gelatin sponge oozing eye teeth, hemostasis; digestive tract, urinary tract bleeding should be observed and recorded vomit, feces, urine color, amount and nature of time measurement pulse, respiration and blood pressure, severe bleeding when the rapid establishment of intravenous access, and equipped to do blood for blood, severe gastrointestinal bleeding need fast, acid; fundus bleeding, there may be blurred vision or even blindness, ambulatory patients should be allowed limited motion and strengthen the life care; female reproductive tract bleeding in patients, we should pay attention to perineal hygiene to prevent infection; when the patient suddenly severe headache, nausea and vomiting, then consciousness barriers, neck stiffness, limb paralysis often prompted intracranial hemorrhage, treatment measures should be taken immediately, the patient take supine, oxygen and maintain airway, head home ice while giving the dehydrating agent and close observation of patients during the rescue of consciousness, lag holes , blood pressure, pulse and respiration changes.

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