Advantages of MRI examination of gastric cancer

By | March 30, 2012

Advantages of MRI examination of gastric cancer (1) at any angle, orientation imaging, to facilitate the display of lesion characteristics, extent of disease can be objective and accurate evaluation, to provide for the clinical three-dimensional, visual information.
Gastric advantage of MRI examination (2) multi-parameter, multi-sequence imaging, offers a variety of contrast, enriching the amount of information.
(3) MRI is the high soft tissue resolution of any other current imaging methods can not match the stomach in vitro high-resolution study (HRMR) has been able to show in the past only in the light microscope the fine anatomical structures, demonstrating its accuracy staging of broad prospects.
(4) MRI's unique flow void, which will help distinguish the blood vessels and lymph nodes, the improvement of the resolution, a combination of different imaging parameters and sequence, has been able to 5mm below the detection of small lymph nodes, while MRI can show the internal lymph nodes soft tissue structure information to enhance the level of N-staging.
(5), fatty infiltration, peritoneal metastasis and liver metastasis with high sensitivity, the MRI of gastric cancer metastasis and spread of ability to judge more than CT, M staging more accurate.
(6) No radiation damage, so many acquisition and dynamic observation of the stomach possible to receive meal examination results; a variety of related applications in the segment, can provide a wealth of information about cancer, to achieve the so-called "one-stop point period. "
Advantages of MRI examination of gastric cancer (7) unique functional imaging for diagnosis of gastric cancer provides a new contrast, but also for clinical evaluation provides a new means.

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