Superficial-type early gastric cancer treatment options

By | March 30, 2012

Superficial-type early gastric cancer treatment options 1. Endoscopic mucosal resection endoscopic therapy for non-infringement submucosa mucosa without lymph node cancer, gastric cancer developed by the Japanese Gastric Cancer Society guidelines for the treatment requirements: less than 2cm The protruded lesion; 2cm within the depressed type without ulcer disease; to the histological differentiation of cancer. With the treatment of early gastric cancer detection rate increased year by year in Japan and other countries and regions, the treatment of early gastric cancer accounts for almost half of all patients with indications for endoscopic surgery the proportion of early gastric cancer is also increasing, with 26% The patients received endoscopic therapy. Method is to inject epinephrine in the submucosal saline underwent mucosal resection (EMR) and laser surgery, treatment of early gastric cancer on the way the bulk of the report from Japan.
Superficial-type early gastric cancer treatment options 2. endoscopic mucosal resection with the endoscopic cavity method is particularly suitable for the bottom of the stomach wall and gastric cancer, surgery requires two experienced endoscopists laparoscopic physicians and co- completed the first laparoscopic examination, and then in the distal duodenum, jejunum junction in place a removable clamp. Access to the stomach by endoscopic injection of gas between the size of the bend can be extended into the serosa for the stomach tube, and then expand to 10mm, so that the laparoscope into the stomach, while injecting carbon dioxide into the stomach, the two tube into the instrument channel as soon as a suitable location can be pulled to 5mm. Endoscopic third assistive devices operating channel is set by people, so the instrument channel diameter must be up to 3-4mm. If only the right kind of superficial type of the above cancer, surgical method is safe, because the carbon dioxide must be injected to the stomach, it is not suitable for full-thickness gastric resection.
Superficial-type early gastric cancer treatment options 3. By endoscopic gastrostomy surgery is a more simple, effective way to lower the technical requirements, and put forward first by Yamashita, known as endoscopic surgery by gastrostomy This method is more suitable for lesions in the stomach wall, and do not need to inject carbon dioxide to the stomach, can be full-thickness gastric resection and gastric resection. The procedure to do a small midline incision, the anterior wall of the stomach, lift and cut, line the limitations of anterior gastrostomy, colostomy edge of the prognosis of early gastric cancer and invasion depth of primary and lymph node metastasis, statistics show that 5 years after surgery survival rates of patients with gastric cancer, mucosal cancer was 100%, if the damage is under film 9JS, intrinsic muscle cancer was 70%, serous carcinoma is 7% – 40%.

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