KLT injection | anticancer drugs

By | April 24, 2012

KLT injection | anticancer drugs, the main components: injection intended Ren Park.
Function: Qi Yin, eliminate epilepsy Sanjie. A variety of transplantable tumors and human tumor cell lines transplanted in nude mice tumor inhibitory effects were more obvious, and has a certain role in enhancing immune function. There are also some analgesic effect.
Indications: suitable for surgery should not be in the Qi and Yin Deficiency, Spleen wet storm type of primary non-small cell lung cancer and primary liver cancer and other malignancies. Combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy have a certain synergy. On advanced cancer patients with a certain anti-cachexia and analgesic effect.
Preparation Specifications: Type of white oil in water emulsion liquid. 100ml00g).
Usage and Dosage: 200, slow intravenous infusion, day 1, 20 days for a treatment interval of 3-5 days, may proceed to the next course of treatment. Combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can reduce it dose. For the first time, infusion rate should be slow to start 10 minutes drip rate should be 20 drops / min, and 20 minutes after the sustainable increase can be controlled within 30 minutes after the 40-60 drops / min.
KLT injection | anticancer drugs, Attention:
When the fat occasionally severe allergy patients with symptomatic treatment can be, and where appropriate, discontinue use.
This product is not mixed with other drugs added.
intravenous infusion should be careful to prevent the leakage of blood vessels caused by external stimuli pain; winter can be pre-heated 30 C
Heat to remove the physical stimulation.
the FDA should adopt a one-time infusion (with terminal filter.)
The product is found to occur in oil and water layer (milk analysis) phenomenon, intravenous use is strictly prohibited.
If mild phlebitis occurred, can be injected before and after the amount of the product (50-100ml) infusion of 0.9% sodium chloride injection, or 5% glucose injection.
clinical allergy fat occasionally. Such as chills, fever, mild nausea, the use of 3-5 days the symptoms may disappear naturally adapt to the most. Occasional mild phlebitis.
When a serious imbalance in fat metabolism (acute shock, acute pancreatitis, pathologic hyperlipemia, lipid nephropathy and other patients) is disabled.
during pregnancy.
KLT injection | anticancer drugs, Storage: sealed, shading, cool place to prevent freezing heat. Life: one year.
Approval Number: (97) Wei Yao Zhunzi 2-108 No. Manufacturer: Zhejiang Kanglaite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..

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