Complications and treatment of cancer drugs

By | April 27, 2012

Complications and treatment of cancer drugs, 1. Infection. Inhibition of long-term chemotherapy on bone marrow to make white blood cells reduced, which is often caused by infection. Common infections peritonitis, pneumonia and sepsis. Sometimes these infections are very serious, difficult to control, direct life in patients with the crisis, is one of the main failure of cancer chemotherapy. Therefore, increased acetabular cells is very important. Normal white blood cell count less than 4 X 109 / L the dose should be reduced, less than 3 X 109 / L should be discontinued. Control measures include the following:
(1) increase in white blood cells using the drug. Commonly used in clinical medicine in the past have muscle tone, Pirates of the liver alcohol, grain and other raw blood, now used in the clinic are: recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor. Usage: 5g / pity, day 1, subcutaneous or intravenous injection, the number of neutrophils were increased to 5 X 109 / L or more, while continuing to observe the symptoms continue or decrease the dose administered. recombinant human granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (a white can, GM-CSF). Usage: 5 – 10g/kg, subcutaneous injection, day 1; or 4-6 hour intravenous infusion, day 1. Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine. Such as: Codonopsis, yellow people, Millettia, psoralen, arrested worship; child, injustice silk child, Angelica, Salvia and other white blood cells have a role in liters. Currently on the market by the Chinese Traditional Medicine are also many types of liters of white medicine, such as the rise of white An, Jeong Min Fu j are granules, and blood balls. hormone drugs. Acid with the element per Koo, AC11I, called prednisone, dexamethasone, l mortar cells have a role.
(2) isolation of patients. Patients with physical weakness, poor nutrition, there are leukopenia, infection often try to isolate the patient is necessary, it can be J to reduce the chance of infection. Therefore, care of cancer patients is also very important. When white blood cell count less than Ix IL, the patient should be moved into isolation rooms per bacteria (air, clothing, food should be sterilized) to avoid infection.
(3) infusion of white blood cells. Particularly low when the acetabular cells (white blood cell count of less than 0.5 X 109 / L) should be given anti-inflammatory treatment, according to the susceptibility test to give the appropriate antibiotics. Leukocyte infusion as necessary. Enter the white blood cells alone are much better than the output of whole blood, which saves blood and effect is obvious, but the transfusion requirements must be implemented.
2. Uric acid crystals. Drug-sensitive tumors, the tumor tissue in the treatment of swelling, increased excretion of uric acid, uric acid salt crystals can be deposited in the renal parenchyma or renal pelvis in renal tubules, resulting in urine retention, uremia, or even death. The water, by intravenous infusion, give basic drugs and alcohol do not cast a glance measures to prevent the deposition of urate crystals.
3. Perforation and obstruction. In the sensitive role of chemotherapy, the tumor tissue abdominal organ damage, perforation or bleeding can occur, the administration should consider appropriate slow speed. Near the organ itself or the tumor volume increases, can cause intestinal, biliary tract and urinary tract obstruction; tumor blood vessels and nerve compression can occur by the corresponding symptoms. Surgical methods should be used to remove the obstruction and oppression, and symptomatic treatment.
4. Haemorrhage. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy often bleeding tendency, mainly due to inhibition of tumor of the bone marrow caused by thrombocytopenia. Platelet count less than 2 x 101O / L or bleeding signs, such as skin marks silly, soft palate or floor of the mouth bleeding and hematuria should be given to hemostatic and other active treatment.
Complications and treatment of cancer drugs, commonly used hemostatic vitamin K1, vitamin K3, 6 – aminocaproic acid, bleeding aromatic acid, tranexamic acid, a new spirit and some old drug condensate. Reptilase is commonly used in clinical efficiency, quick hemostatic, bleeding sites after injection produced only in the hemostatic effect, but only in the blood vessels to the role of fibrinogen, no thrombosis and blood coagulation. Subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection or intravenous injection, each 1 0 Vo Stilamin is currently the clinical use of hemostatic drugs. Stilamin (somatostatin, somatostatin) is only used for intravenous injection, it is the fourth amino acid synthetic cyclic peptide, somatostatin and natural role in the chemical structure and the same. For severe acute esophageal variceal bleeding, severe acute gastric ulcer bleeding card duodenum, and the membrane, bile, intestinal disorders intoxicated lean and diabetic acidosis adjuvant therapy. Intravenous therapy, the impact of a slow injection (3 – 5 minutes) 250 tons, or 250g / h speed continuous infusion administration.

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