To read Down Syndrome Screening Report

Down syndrome is the first mixed-mental retardation syndrome is one of the most common diseases of severe birth defects. Some people cannot read a single report of Down syndrome, here we asked the experts to help you analyze. Down syndrome screening test results only for the purpose, low-risk report only indicates that your kind of… Read More »

Down Syndrome Screening

The true story of regret: Daughter was born, I do not know why the matter with Down syndrome, there is no doubt that I would give birth to unhealthy children. During pregnancy, the doctor advised me to do Down’s screening times, the family did not think my husband and the children appeared healthy, I feel… Read More »

Top ten signs that you may be pregnant!

If you miss your menstrual cycle or are not concerned about the changes it every month, you may unknowingly pregnant. However,  if you start to experience some of the following symptoms (not all women are), but have your menstrual period did not come, you might be pregnant. The measures taken pregnancy test and find out… Read More »

Sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation may be pregnant? Menstrual period on this issue can not be the same room, the person specifically consulted the gynecologist, the experts is: In general the chances of pregnancy having sex during menstruation will be smaller, but there may be pregnant, and when the female body during menstruation resistance is weak, sexual… Read More »

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer and coping methods

In recent years, the incidence of pancreatic cancer showed an increasing trend, many patients are unprepared for pancreatic cancer, here we work together to find out what the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and ways to cope. According to clinical experience, the symptoms of pancreatic cancer are: 1, upper abdomen, Cullen or right upper quadrant colic,… Read More »

The causes of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the highest fatality rate, to the many families brought great pain. The article is about the cause of pancreatic cancer because of the introduction, hoping to serve as a warning for everyone. Pancreatic cancer is very secretive, it is deeper because the location of pancreatic cancer, the symptoms are nonspecific,… Read More »

Early Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

High proportion of women cancer is cervical cancer. It is second only to the incidence of breast cancer is common in women over 35 years of age. Early cervical cancer, about 40% of patients without any symptoms, to a considerable extent the development of cancer is often after the onset of symptoms, these symptoms are… Read More »

Raw Vegetables and EHEC Risk

May 15, the German state of Lower Saxony, 83-year-old woman symptoms of severe intestinal bleeding and was rushed to hospital. 7 days later, she died in the hospital. No one expected, a severe outbreak of this kicked off. Just a few days, more than 1,000 patients in Germany show different levels of intestinal bleeding, ascites… Read More »

Does Masturbation Hurt The Body?

Masturbation involving the body’s most private parts hidden, so the choice of the time and place to ask is not is not the town. If young people the habit of masturbation, though not deliberately suppressed, can be regarded as a normal physiological process, but the frequency of masturbation to make themselves feel more “restless”, it… Read More »

Radiation is Threatening The Formation of Sperm

Electromagnetic radiation: long-term heavy exposure to electromagnetic waves, can sensitive male germ cell testis severely damaged, the occurrence of rupture of the nucleus and cytoplasm of rupture, resulting in impaired spermatogenesis, infertility. The thermal radiation: heat radiation also contributed to the decline in sperm quality an important factor and common cause of testicular heat sensitive,… Read More »